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5 Ways To Create A Distinct, Loveable, Retweetable Twitter Presence

Increasing your digital Twitter following is like doing laundry on a Sunday. It’s easier said than done. While a sometimes intimidating journey to embark on, focusing on your social media presence can be extremely rewarding, and you can even relieve much of the frustration and stress associated if you prepare accordingly.

Can I use a metaphor? I’m going to use a metaphor. Building a successful social media presence is similar to to hiking (I can imagine, I don’t workout a lot). Of course, the goal is to reach the top, however, there are many steps one must take to accomplish this. For instance, pack snacks. That is so so important. Also, make sure you have appropriate shoes; you probably won’t get very far in crocs. I’m not a hiking expert, just guessing.

Social media is the same way. The goal is to build a large following of loyal, devoted followers (or to get Taylor Swift to retweet you), but this doesn’t happen overnight, or perhaps ever, without a strategy and clearly outlined steps.

Contrary to popular belief, Twitter is so much more than a one-way platform used to post engagement pictures or talk about what you ate for lunch. It’s a way to connect, to communicate, to form meaningful relationships. Are you interested in growing your digital presence? Maybe you just really want Taylor Swift to tweet back at you. We’re not judging. We’re just here to help you via our five steps below:

1) Create Valuable Content

Be a resource for your consumers. Share data. Cover trends. Connect your material to current events. This is possible even in the 140 character limit. Your audience is looking for your to solve solutions, even if they can’t articulate the problems yet.

2) Focus On Your Audience

In today’s world you have to be interesting to get people interested. With endless content just a click away, consumers are choosing what they devote their attention to. Yes, this is why you fast forward through all those commercials! Reward your audience for sticking with you. Talk with your audience instead of at them. Twitter makes this easy to do. Much like a conversation, it’s just as important to listen as it is to talk.

3) Show Emotion (It’s Ok!)

Your audience wants to know that there is a human on the other side of the that screen. Haven’t you seen I, Robot? It’s terrifying. Your followers want to buy into a story – into something bigger than a product. Use humor, cry, get quirky, dance like no one knows you just ate an entire sleeve of Oreos. Evoke some emotion and don’t be a robot.

4) Visuals

Images are much more likely to get shared and retweeted compared to sole text. A picture is worth a thousand words (and a million “likes”).

5) Be Social

Emphasize the “social” in social media. Now, more than ever, these two-line platforms for communication make it easier to get (and keep) your brand in the spotlight. Share content, respond to customers (politely), ask questions, and listen. Don’t be that person who responds to texts saying, “k.” Be social.  

While these tips will certainly have you well on your way to ruling the internet, they alone won’t bring you success. Remember, it’s a hike. A long, sweaty, uphill hike. Building a successful Twitter presence takes hard work, consistency, creativity, and resilience. Oh, and again, it will really help if T-Swift gives you a “follow.”

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Jon-SavittJon Savitt, originally from Minneapolis, is a Copywriter at Punch with previous experience leading marketing efforts for businesses ranging from startups to non-profits. A true writer at heart, he has contributed to popular publications such as TIME, MTV, The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Paste Magazine, and more. Jon has never turned down ice cream in his life and prides himself on Aaron Carter following him on Twitter.

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