Hello World Meet Punch! 3 Big Things We’re Doing Differently

Punch Digital Strategies Mug

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s official. Punch Digital Strategies is live! After years of conceptualizing and months of planning, we’ve opened our doors to a welcoming audience. Our mission is clear – we make bold brands stand out online. The outcome? Clients are positioned for growth. They’re able to engage with audiences and drive new revenue.

Last week we launched the new Punch website, and shared the news with friends and colleagues on Facebook. Big props to our social pals! We drove in over 350 likes in just a few short hours. It’s a great example of how digital media can get people excited and get the contact emails pouring, and it’s what we do for our clients each day.

If it’s your first time visiting Punch, thanks for dropping by. You’re going to find info about our servicesour process, and our work – the usual agency rundown. You’ll see that we deliver marketing strategy that turns goals into trophies, we design websites that convert visitors into customers, and we write content that compels readers to act. But at Punch, there’s more under the hood. Here’s three things we’re doing differently:

1. Meet the PunchBot

Check out our new Brand Accelerator. This quick and interactive tool is a great exercise to get the creative process started. Even if you’re not looking for marketing support, the Brand Accelerator can help you ask important questions about your brand identity, and help you identify your marketing goals. Check it out!

2. Browser-Based Culture

The Brand Accelerator is just one way that we’re helping clients think differently about tried-and-true marketing activities. At Punch, we’re building a browser-based culture. This means that whenever possible, we design, write, produce and collaborate using browser-based tools. Sounds simple, but the impact is huge. Being browser-based allows our team and our clients to be in touch on any device, from any location. You won’t find us sending bulky files over email when we could share the same info through a responsive landing page instead. It’s all about increasing productivity, enhancing quality and improving connectivity.

3. Face-to-Face Time

The browser-based philosophy applies to how we collaborate with clients as well. Instead of endless email chains, volleying back and forth to find the best time for a phone call, we’ll jump on a Google Hangout right away to take a couple minutes to connect face-to-face. At Punch, we’re an extension of our clients’ internal marketing team, and by remaining connected and accessible, we’re able to collaborate in real-time as if we were actually in the next office over.

I invite you to take a moment to explore the site, get to know the Punch team, and shoot us any feedback about your experience. We’d love to hear from you and wish you continued success!

Oh, by the way, here’s a great infographic on launching an online business. Worth a read! Here it is.

About Punch

Punch Digital Strategies is a creative agency for bold brands. We provide digital marketing strategy that owns the field. We design websites that inspire devotion, and we write content that instigates action. At Punch we help companies brand for growth. We help business engage with customers online, and manage clients’ online reputation through content marketing and social media. With services tailored to meet the needs of start-ups, B2C, B2B and non-profit organizations, we make bold brands stand out.

Learn more at AddSomePunch.com