Connecting With Your Audience: Billy Eichner, Funny or Die, & Obama’s Joke Writers

aka We attended a panel!

Reaching your audience is a challenge in itself. Reaching multiple audiences with different interests and values, that’s a talent few can pull off. Hard as it may be, it’s important for agencies and brands to invest in their understanding of generations, industries and other differentiators. When distributing your content out to various groups, it’s important to reflect on a few big picture questions:

  • What does this group value?
  • What are their objectives?
  • How can I engage them?
  • Why is this information useful for them?

We Have Friends

Recently the Punch team was invited to attend a panel event at the Newseum in Washington D.C. — a fantastic space. With a number of diverse organizations in attendance, from journalists to advertising agencies to comedians, everyone was there ready to get one question answered – How can we become more effective storytellers? OK there was free lunch, too.

Via Business Insider

The hour long POLITICO-hosted event, facilitated by Correspondent Mike Allen, consisted of an all-star panel: Billy Eichner (Host of Billy on the Street), Mike Farah (President of Production at Funny or Die), David Litt (Pres. Obama’s speechwriter) and Joanna Rosholm (Press Secretary to the First Lady). BUT CAN THEY CODE? DOUBT IT! Honestly we were just happy to be in the same room.

Via Business Insider

As a creative agency, it was interesting how relatable their words were.

From Billy talking about the importance of being authentic in a digital world to David explaining his process behind crafting messages for Obama’s speeches, the day was a great reminder of how important communication is for brands, whether verbal or via social media.

Two takeaways from the event, stressed by each panelist. Yes, of course we were live tweeting!

Via Business Insider

Oh yeah, Billy Eichner even showed us some love.

Communicate to Create

At Punch, we pride ourselves on not only our ability, but our passion for communicating our clients’ stories. Storytelling is powerful. Words can influence. But it’s not that easy. It’s important to understand how to best get your message across. What platform? What kind of tone? Any specific language? As the panelists reiterated many times — mastering effective communication takes time, practice and research. Whether it’s crafting convicting copy or creating dynamic design (or perhaps Michelle Obama dancing with Big Bird), it all starts with an understanding, and then a decision to authentically explore that understanding further.

As Mike Farah, President of Production at Funny or Die, explained: Most of the work is done before the cameras even turn on. His videos may go insanely viral, but not without the adequate research and thought. This concept and process should be acknowledged and enacted by all agencies.

We’re helping clients of all industries share their stories and connect with a variety of audiences. Why? It’s pretty simple: It’s just what we enjoy doing.

If you’re ready to give your brand a bold, authentic voice and a look to match, let’s talk! Get in touch here.

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