Facebook for Business – 3 Ways to Expand Your Reach


We’ve all heard, and maybe even said, “we’ve got to do more on Facebook.” But how many business owners really take the time to think through the right approach. Share more pics of the company holiday party? That’s not going to fly. It’s rare these days to find a business that hasn’t set up shop on Facebook. It’s also just as rare to find businesses using Facebook as an effective tool to engage with clients and drive in leads. Check out these three ways your brand, and business, can grow through Facebook.

1 – Shout Less

Take a quick scan of your company’s page. If the majority of the posts are simply announcements about company activities and successes, it’s like walking into a crowded room and shouting “hey look at me” over and over. Yes, your page should showcase the company’s achievements, but being self-centered means you’re missing the opportunity to actually engage and converse with followers. Continue to share internal posts, but punctuate them with open questions and outside content. Encourage comments with leading questions like “show us how you use product x at home.” Share articles that are relevant to your industry, but not necessarily focused on your company’s achievements.

Punch is a creative agency, so (in the month or so we’ve been live) we share content that is relevant to our services: digital marketing, design and social media. But we’re also huge nerds, so we share things that reflect our weird nerd-ball interests (like generic stock photos from #UnfinishedBusiness). Remember to earn the “like,” followers really do have to like you.

2 – Target Your Audience

In 2011, when Facebook ads rolled out, many users saw them as intrusive. But by early 2015, the system has become far more refined. Today, people have adapted so that ads are now an accepted and even welcome part of news feed experience. The reason for the change is that Facebook has become surgically precise at demographic targeting. Users see content that is actually relevant. Facebook ads now offer advertisers the ability to drill into age, interests and connection to reach specific audience groups. For just a few bucks ($5-20) companies can boost specific posts to increase exposure. Paid advertising with Google AdWords, in contrast, doesn’t offer personal interest targeting that detailed. With this in mind, boosted posts can be a highly effective advertising tool to increase relevant impressions, at a relatively low cost.

Note: we’re suggesting paid ads, NOT buying likes. That’s a murky world in which no business should tread. Plus, as reported in AdWeek and confirmed by Facebook, likes from inactive accounts will be disappearing in March.

3 – Keep the End Game in Sight

One of the most important goals of generating buzz on social media is to drive traffic back to your company’s website. Even when the conversation is great, followers will always be interacting with your brand through the blue and white lens of the Facebook page layout. Facebook activity should be a part of your company’s overall online conversion strategy. Facebook is the venue to start the conversation, lead it toward an action, then end the discussion on your company’s site on your own terms. The benefits are multi-fold.

  1. You’re able to increase the volume of traffic to your site, which in turn reflects positively on SEO.
  2. You’re able to direct users to specific conversion points.
  3. You’re able to achieve an integrated web presence, not siloed social channels and a lonely corporate website.

Be sure to write content and include links that drive traffic back to your website, even in conversation-focused posts.

These are just a few of the ways businesses can use Facebook to increase engagement and drive new leads. Have you found other ways? Maybe even better ways? Tell us about it on Punch Digital Strategies’ Facebook page.

By the way, check out this great article from Inc.com that shows 20 B2C companies that are absolutely rocking their Facebook presence.

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