Pizza, Beer, and a Kiss. Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl Play Call that Paid Off.

So what happened?

In a sequence that looked like a scripted scene with clever product placement, Broncos QB and Super Bowl winner Peyton Manning managed to shout-out Budweiser twice while also sharing a romantic moment with Papa John himself. Holy endorsements, Batman!

“I’m gonna drink a lot of Budweiser tonight!”

– Yup, that’s an actual quote from Peyton Manning

Who benefited?

With 30 seconds of airtime costing up to $5 million, this unexpected play call paid off in something other than points. With Peyton’s free comments valued at an estimated $3.2 million (The Daily Mail), it’s safe to say that both Budweiser and Papa John’s felt like champions, even without a trophy in hand.

But was it a clean play?

Naturally, some digital referees took to their favorite social platforms to throw the red flag and challenge Peyton for accepting payment for the comments.

The official call

After a little confusion and some serious meme-ing, the ruling on the internet confirmed there was no flag on the play, leading to the conclusion that Peyton just really likes beer. Can we blame the guy?

So while Von Miller may have won the MVP title, Peyton’s sponsors would probably beg to differ. (Read: Peyton, you’re the real MVP.)

Manning is a brand himself.

With $12 million racked up this year alone thanks to partnerships with industry giants such as Nike, Gatorade and Nationwide, Peyton tops the category of top NFL endorsement figures – in front by as much as $1 million compared to New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees who places 2nd.

From owning 20+ Papa John’s stores to hosting SNL to being the reason why the Nationwide song is constantly stuck in your head (ugh, we don’t even like chicken parm but you taste so good), it seems as if Peyton’s business sensibility has developed right alongside his skill. Oh how they grow up so fast.

As one of the highest paid athletes in the world, Peyton Manning is the quintessential example of how to amplify a brand – constantly in the public eye for the right reasons, always looking to positively increase his visibility and portfolio. He understands the importance of intentional decisions, on and off the field, and has the numbers (and cash) to prove it. More than your average football player, it certainly pays to be Peyton.

The takeaway? Victory is sweet. $ponsorship is $weeter. Just don’t tell Eli that…

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