When you’re hungry, and you’ve got 10mins for lunch, and your favorite food truck is parked right outside the office – and there’s a line down the block, what would you do? If only there were an app that would let you order what you want, pay for it, and pick it up when it’s ready, without ever having to stand in line. That’s the challenge Gambay solves. Gambay is a mobile app for iOS and Android that lets users find, order and pay for food all through a smartphone or tablet. Gambay’s founders had a concept and prototype in development, when they realized that for the app to be a success, it needed a strong brand and a simple, intuitive user experience. The founders tasked Punch Digital Strategies with bringing their vision to life, and designing a mobile app experience that users love.

Project Background

It all started over drinks – drinks that seemed to be arriving too slowly – in a crowded bar with busy staff, too far in the weeds to make the rounds. The app’s founders realized the need for a simple, mobile way for customers to place orders. An order fulfillment platform of this kind could be an essential sales tool for restaurants, bars, food trucks, coffee shops and local delis. With that, Gambay, which means “cheers” in Mandarin, was launched. After an initial version went into production, it was clear that many subtle details needed to be ironed out. Moreover, to be competitive with other emerging order fulfillment apps, the brand, the user experience, and the user interface all had to resonate with users. 

Punch Solution

We began by researching the current market conditions and the competitive landscape. We identified multiple apps with a similar feature set, although each took a different approach to solving the order fulfillment challenge. We analyzed brand attributes, messaging and user experience to develop a positioning framework for the new brand. Then, we designed the new brand around the concept “Order Happiness.” After all, whether it’s food, drinks or products, what Gambay really delivers is “happiness.” We worked step-by-step, designing each feature and functionality of the application itself. From the first login screen to the message in a confirmation email, we designed the complete user experience. Once the application designs were ready for development, we shifted focus to create a website and online presence to build buzz before the app launch. All in all, our work included:

  • Market research
  • Brand strategy
  • Logo design
  • Brand messaging
  • App design
  • UX / UI design
  • Website design & development
  • Email marketing


The revised brand and user experience positioned Gambay as an app that can lead the mobile order fulfillment revolution. The inviting message, the intuitive UI and the growing network of participating vendors make Gambay a welcome addition for users that depend on lifestyle services like Uber or Venmo. Gambay was recently released on the App Store and Google Play and is poised for rapid growth, first targeting the urban food truck community. Download Gambay now, and see what it’s like to “Order Happiness.”

Punch Services

  • Marketing strategy
  • Brand design
  • Mobile app design
  • Website design & development