Crane-related injuries have been rising over recent years. No location is more prone to crane fatalities than New York City. Because of the density of skyscrapers combined with the population, New York City has experienced some of the country’s most unfortunate crane accidents. New Yorkers For Crane Safety is an action-oriented non-profit organization dedicated to spreading awareness for crane safety and proper crane operator training, advocating on behalf of the citizens of New York. When New Yorkers For Crane Safety needed to find innovative, results-driven methods to spread awareness and inspire New Yorkers to become crane safety ambassadors, their communications team turned to Punch to make it happen.


Our partnership with New Yorkers For Crane Safety began with a strategic discovery process. We researched crane accidents as well as prior safety initiatives and local organizations with similar goals. Then, we shifted our attention to the creative process. This included developing a website, including design and messaging, along with creating Facebook and Twitter accounts for the newly founded organization. We advised that the best way to rapidly raise awareness and drive impressions was through paid advertising on Facebook and Twitter. We needed to rapidly and authentically go from literally zero followers to cultivating an active follower base in a minimum amount of time. We created a multitude of campaigns centered around spreading awareness, educating the public, and encouraging attendance at events. Our campaigns included image-centric advertisements and informational articles. In addition, we assertively messaged public leaders using Twitter, to solicit support and promote crane safety events.


Our collaboration with New Yorkers For Crane Safety proved successful. As a result of our services, the organization was able to reach thousands of New Yorkers, including public leaders, large construction companies and more. Our 30-day campaign reached more than 55,000 people on Facebook, and resulted in more than 1,300 page “Likes.” Our Twitter efforts yielded over 90,000 impressions. Punch social media management allowed an important mission to spread and garnered the support of many New York locals.

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