In November, 2014, Sony was weeks away from releasing The Interview, a comedy mocking North Korea and its leader. After receiving a series of threats from an unidentified group, Sony pulled the movie from theaters. The threats turned into action as the Sony executives found that their emails had been hacked and made public. Celebrities became targets and Sony’s secrets were revealed. Following the attack, a group of private industry partners led by our client, Novetta Cyber Analytics, joined together to identify and expose the group behind the assault. This group was deemed the Lazarus group. Novetta put together detailed technical findings noting their hacking tools, techniques and implications in four supplemental reports. These findings were known as Operation Blockbuster. Novetta tasked Punch Digital Strategies with editing information as well as designing a sleek creative theme for the report and building a website to host and promote material.


We kicked off the project with a strategic session heavily focused on developing a creative brand. Next, our team concentrated on improving the user experience as the report deals with highly technical subject matter. Our strategy included persona research as well as dissecting and analyzing the messaging in order to make language appeal to a broader audience. Then, we examined industry position and key competitors, noting design, messaging concepts, creativity and capabilities. After firmly understanding the project background and audience, we got started with the deliverables. We started out by developing and designing the creative theme for the report and edited language to cater to the target audience. The editing process included adding an executive summary for quick synopsis. We also wrote and animated the Operation Blockbuster video which highlighted main report findings. Finally, our team designed an interactive website along with content to host the digital report and promote to the public.


The public launch of Operation Blockbuster attracted widespread attention. From Wired to The Washington Post to TIME, the importance surrounding the report was hard to ignore. The creative theme amplified the report’s messaging while grabbing the attention of readers. Similarly, the report cleared up misinformation and lack of understanding surrounding the Sony Pictures attack. Ultimately, Operation Blockbuster was instrumental in establishing Novetta TRIG as a leading edge cyber research team, enhancing the company’s standing as an analytics and data science pioneer.

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