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Abasi Guitars

Ecommerce website for innovative new guitar company

Punch - ABASI Website Responsiveness

The Challenge

Every guitar is different. Few guitars are breathtaking. In today’s crowded music industry, guitarists across genres need a way to stand out. For musicians, a guitar isn’t just another accessory. It’s a tool by which they communicate with the world — an extension of their personality. When guitarists need to stand out without sacrificing sound quality, they choose Abasi Guitars. Founded by guitar pioneer, Tosin Abasi, Abasi Guitars builds captivating guitars customized for each player’s style. Abasi Guitars reached out to Punch to help them develop an improved website to increase leads and promote new products. 

*Note: video produced by and © copyright 2019 Abasi Guitars


As an agency full of musicians, Punch understands how a guitarist’s brand should extend from the stage to the screen. We started with an in-depth discover session to ensure we capture the intricacies that make Abasi unique. After meeting with key stakeholders and researching competitors, we spent additional time familiarizing ourselves with the Abasi brand and sound. Once we had the necessary information, we began the design process. Two Punch designers delivered uniquely different designs — each capturing a different aspect of the Abasi brand. Beyond design, Abasi needed a more intuitive way for users to customize and purchase guitars. We developed an interactive, step-by-step form creating an engaging and logical experience for users. This enabled buyers to see their guitar as they built it, leading to a better overall experience.

Scope of Work

  • Design System & Copywriting
  • Website Design & Development
  • Customized Guitar Builder Tool
  • Website Hosting & Support


The revamped Abasi Guitars brand is now as unique as the guitars themselves. A sleek website design makes the guitars the focus. An updated user experience helps users navigate the site with efficiency. The new guitar builder process enables users to see their greatest guitar visions come to life. Overall, the new Abasi brand amplifies an already strong organization crafting the next generation of guitarists.

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The new Abasi brand amplifies an already strong organization crafting the next generation of guitarists.

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