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Branding, website and full-service creative support for global mobility leader

Punch - AIRINC Homepage Mockup

The Big Picture

When a company needs to move employees across borders, there’s a lot to consider. Where will they live? What will they earn? Where will their kids go to school? AIRINC provides solutions that simplify global mobility so companies can staff the right people, in the right places, anywhere in the world. 

The Backstory

People are what make an organization successful. And sometimes the people an organization needs may not be located where the job requires. For large corporations that operate on a global scale, this can pose significant operational challenges. Fortunately, for more than 60 years, AIRINC has provided thousands of clients with data, guidance and resources to more effectively deploy talent worldwide. 

As the world becomes ever more connected, global mobility becomes increasingly complex. Add to that, a diverse array of competitors from consulting companies to HR firms have made the market even more saturated. AIRINC leaders knew it was time to think strategically about the company’s brand and message to better position for continued growth. 

Quick Facts

  • Founded 1954
  • 1000+ clients worldwide
  • Offices in US, UK, Belgium, Hong Kong
  • Services include: technology, benchmarking, advice, resources
  • Serving small businesses to many Fortune 500 clients

Building the Brand

The brand refresh project needed to connect the past and future states, in a way that feels like a natural evolution of the company, instead of a dramatic change. To accomplish this, we created a logo concept that depicts the organization’s global reach.

Logo Design
Punch - AIRINC Logo
New Color Pallete
Punch - AIRINC Color Palette
Icon Design
Punch - AIRINC Icons

Completing the Vision

AIRINC’s website is a primary resource for current clients who access online tools and resources, as well as potential clients who seek to learn more about the company. We created an online experience designed to be intuitive for both groups.

The Full Story

The Challenge

The global mobility market has seen significant changes in recent years. Companies are more rapidly expanding into new regions. Jobs are becoming more technically-oriented with more varied skill sets. Political instability in traditionally stable places, like the United Kingdom and Europe, create new and difficult to predict financial risks for businesses with employees in these regions. For decades AIRINC had been a leader in global mobility. To remain at the vanguard AIRINC leaders realized it was time for change. 

With 60+ years of history, AIRINC has an important brand story to tell. The organization needed a creative agency partner that would work closely, like an extension of the internal team, to understand the audience, the key differentiators, and key strategic goals for the organization’s next phase of growth. AIRINC leaders found that partner in Punch. 

Project Goals

  • Refresh and revitalize the brand visual identity, logo and design system
  • Craft a clear and concise brand message
  • Create a new web presence with improved user experience and modern design
  • Create consistency across all print and digital collateral
  • Serve as an extension of the in-house team to provide ongoing creative support
The Full Story

The Solution

First, we sat down with senior leaders and stakeholders from across AIRINC departments for a discovery and strategy session at the company’s Cambridge, MA headquarters. From this facilitated discussion, we gained a solid perspective on the company’s core audiences, capabilities and technology offerings. We set about the creative work with this important information in mind. 

We began the brand refresh by writing and designing creative themes – a Punch proprietary process – that brings together a messaging and visual design system as a clear, encapsulated whole. From here. AIRINC leaders selected an overall direction that we refined to a final logo and message. We worked together through an iterative website design, content and development process to create a modern and interactive new website. Prior to launch, we crafted a suite of marketing materials to ensure consistency across print and digital channels.

Project Goals

  • Brand Identity: logo design and messaging
  • Website design, content and development
  • Design and content for marketing collateral
  • Website hosting and support
  • Ongoing creative support


AIRINC positioned as a leader in the global mobility market

The brand launch and website refresh has helped AIRINC more clearly communicate its capabilities and value to new prospects, and provide a more intuitive, interactive user experience for current clients. Since the initial project launch, Punch and AIRINC have worked together in close partnership, with Punch serving as an extension of the in-house marketing team to produce materials, manage the website, and support a multitude of AIRINC initiatives. The company is now positioned as an innovative, forward-looking global mobility leader, poised for continued success in a new era of workforce globalization.

The brand launch and website refresh has helped AIRINC more clearly communicate its capabilities and value to new prospects, and provide a more intuitive, interactive user experience for current clients.

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