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Branding, website and creative support for next-gen government contractor

Punch - CollabraLink Homepage in Tablet Device

The Big Picture

CollabraLink is one of the leading innovators ushering in a new era of government contracting. Their mission is simple: “providing federal clients with simple and intuitive solutions that increase efficiency and enhance citizen engagement.” The result is a faster, better, smarter way of bringing people and government together.

The Backstory

CollabraLink was founded in 2003, right at the cusp of the emerging technology revolution. The company transitioned from serving big commercial brands like Pepsi and Motorola, to creating advanced technology solutions for federal agencies.

As the company evolved, the team maintained a commitment to incorporating advanced technology and process innovations to deliver exceptional value to federal clients. As the company graduated from the 8(a) program, and began to face tougher competition from much larger and older firms, CollabraLink leadership knew it was time to refresh, revitalize and refine the brand message and visual identity.

Quick Facts

  • Founded 2003
    Capabilities include: Agile Digital Services, Human-centered design, Low-code applications, Strategic support.
  • Clients include: GSA, NOAA, DOE, FAA, CMS, DOL, DOT, DoD Agencies, others
  • SBA Certified Small Disadvantaged Business
  • CMMI Dev 3 / CMMI SVC 3

Building the Brand

The idea of “collaboration” is an intrinsic part of the company’s identity, part of its name. That notion of working together represents both the way CollabraLink partners with government, but also how it enables government to better serve its citizens. The visual identity and brand message needed to reflect that spirit of collaboration as well.

Logo Design
Punch - CollabraLink Logo
New Color Pallete
Punch - CollabraLink Color Palette
Icon Design
Punch - CollabraLink Icon Suite

Completing the Vision

Punch brought the idea of collaboration, and the “linking” connectivity of technology to life through the logo mark that showcases the inclusive, interactive nature of working together. The cool blues and welcoming green tones of the color palette symbolize that spirit of partnership, of innovation and growth.

The Full Story

The Challenge

Since CollabraLink was founded in 2003, the company had experienced great success. Yet, as it approached the end of it’s 8(a) status, and faced the impending reality of a new world of competition, CollabraLink leadership knew change was needed. The change wasn’t to become something new, it was to focus on building a brand that reflected the innovation, expertise, commitment and partnership that the team already lived by every day.

To date, CollabraLink had not spent the time to focus on it’s own brand. The team’s talents were spent serving clients, and little time was left to focus on internal brand, web presence or messaging. Add to the fact that many team members worked on client site, at a government agency. Because of this, CollabraLink faced challenges in inspiring these on-site employees to rally behind a shared vision and message.

Project Goals

  • Create a brand identity that distinguished CollabraLink in a competitive market
  • Better reflect the company’s capabilities and expertise
  • Convey the company vision through brand and digital experiences
  • Create a modern, intuitive, useful website
  • Create a suite of marketing materials to support BD and recruitment
  • Create an outward-facing brand that conveyed inward beliefs and values
The Full Story

The Solution

Punch partnered with CollabraLink executives to lead a comprehensive brand refresh and website redesign. The project began with a discovery and strategy session where CollabraLink leaders shared their vision for the company and it’s message, guided by the Punch strategy team. From this initial discovery, Punch hit the lab to bring the vision to life.

Over a 90 day period with an iterative process, Punch crafted a new company logo, new tagline, refreshed strategic messaging and an updated brand palette to better convey the company’s expertise and capabilities. Punch designed, wrote and developed CollabraLink’s new website, with a focus on providing a simple and intuitive user experience – the same type of experience CollabraLink seeks to provide for government clients.

Scope of Work

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity: logo & messaging
  • Website: design, content & development
  • Marketing collateral
  • Video production
  • Ongoing creative support


CollabraLink now positioned as an innovative, visionary partner to the next generation of government leaders

In the time since the original brand refresh, CollabraLink has earned dozes of new contract wins and task orders, totaling in the tens of millions of dollars. The company has grown adding talented staff, new capabilities and key partnerships, effectively living out its mission of providing simple and intuitive solutions that improve citizen engagement. Punch and CollabraLink have remained partners, with Punch continuing to provide support for CollabraLink BD teams, as well as design and copywriting for a multitude of CollabraLink projects. With a clear vision for improving the way government serves its citizens, CollabraLink is a dynamic leader among the new era of government contractors.

In the time since the original brand refresh, CollabraLink has earned dozes of new contract wins and task orders, totaling in the tens of millions of dollars.

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