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Branding, website, creative support for game-changing digital identity startup

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The Big Picture

How do you prove you’re you online, where you can’t present a physical ID card? has the answer. is revolutionizing identity in the digital age by simplifying how individuals securely prove and share their identity online.

The Backstory’s founder, an Army veteran, saw serious flaws in the way veterans were required to prove their service in order to access military discounts at retail and restaurants. So he created a way for veterans to verify their service status entirely online, through a mobile device, massively reducing error, improving security and streamlining access. But the principle of affiliation-based identity extends far further – to teachers, students, first responders, government employees – and ultimately to all people.

Since its founding in 2014, grew rapidly, transforming from affiliation verification provider for group discounts, to a game-changing online identity verification platform, used by hundreds of vendors, financial service organizations and government agencies. As the company grew, it’s brand needed to evolve, from innovative tech startup to trusted enterprise technology.

Quick Facts

  • Founded 2014
  • Rapid growth tech startup
  • Exclusive identity verification provider for VA
  • Patented technology
  • Serving individuals, business & government

Building the Brand faced unique challenges in that the brand needed to resonate both with individual consumers, who needed to verify their identity through, as well as business and government leaders who need to see business value in technology.

Logo Design
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New Color Pallete
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Icon Design
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Completing the Vision

Punch worked closely with senior leaders to create a web presence and marketing materials that resonate with and inspire trust in consumers and businesses. Over nearly four years of partnership, our work has included digital, video, print, events and more. Shop

One of the greatest benefits of the platform, is that users get access to loads of great discounts on big name brands they know and love. has a massive ecommerce presence with email marketing and an online shop, designed in collaboration with Punch.

The Full Story

The Challenge

The Punch partnership began in 2015, when sought to redesign its Mobile Wallet experience. At the time, the Mobile Wallet was the primary tool through which users managed their various group affiliations. We conducted a full UX / UI redesign of the mobile app experience. Through this process, we developed a strong working relationship, and discovered shared values that made our teams a natural culture fit.

As grew, and our partnership continued, the company evolved from an ambitious startup to a formidable enterprise technology solution. As this rapid growth continued, leadership recognized the need to refresh and evolve the brand to position the company as a premier market leader in the identity space.

Project Goals

  • Evolve the brand to an enterprise technology feel
  • Create a modern, engaging and intuitive web presence
  • Create marketing materials for specialized audiences
  • Produce video, digital, print and event materials
  • Provide rapid creative support for presentations and meetings
The Full Story

The Solution

After the initial Mobile Wallet project, engaged Punch to provide ongoing creative support. After two years working as an extension of the in-house marketing team, we took the opportunity to zoom out and look strategically at the brand. There were key areas – the website, sales materials, Shop and email marketing – that needed to be refreshed and revised for consistency, and to create an experience that aligned with the company’s growth trajectory.

We worked closely with leaders to redesign the website, collaborating with the in-house marketing and development teams. We redesigned the Shop, and the related consumer-facing email and social media campaigns. In addition, we designed a multitude of presentations and sales collateral to equip the executive team and salespeople with a clear, consistent and compelling message.

Scope of Work

  • Mobile application UX / UI
  • Brand identity / brand design system
  • Corporate website design
  • eCommerce website design
  • Blog website design and development
  • Digital, print, video collateral
  • Ongoing creative support

Results revolutionizing the way people manage and secure their identity

Over the past 4 years, has experienced rapid and significant growth, earning tens of millions of dollars in new business with organizations like USAA and VA, as well as significant capital investment to fund development and expansion of the platform and capabilities. The recent brand and website refresh positioned the company effectively as a true enterprise solution, with the technical bona fides, proven past performance and visionary innovation to be the leader in the online identity space. continues to experience rapid growth and is poised to revolutionize the way citizens engage with government, the way businesses engage with customers, and the way individuals prove and secure their identity in an online world.

Over the past 4 years, has experienced rapid and significant growth, earning tens of millions of dollars in new business with organizations like USAA and VA.

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