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International Sleep Products Association

Branding, websites, and video for trade association that dreams big

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The Big Picture

The International Sleep Products Organization (ISPA) is the voice of the sleep products industry. Through research, reporting and advocacy, ISPA helps move the needle on issues that affect sleep products manufacturers and retailers. Punch supports ISPA and a multitude of it’s brands.

The Backstory

Punch’s work with ISPA first began with two of the brands under the ISPA umbrella: Bye Bye Mattress, and the Mattress Recycling Council. After successful website design projects for the recycling-related members of the ISPA family, the organization’s leaders engaged us to update the parent brand and site.

As the voice of the sleep products industry, ISPA advocates on behalf of manufacturers and retailers. This includes supporting and opposing legislation that would affect members business interests, and working with legislators to create favorable opportunities for the industry. In addition to the parent organization, ISPA manages a number of sites, including Better Sleep Council, Sleep Savvy Magazine, BedTimes Magazine, the recycling projects, as well as conferences including the ISPA EXPO and ISPA Industry conference.

Quick Facts

  • Supporting sleep products industry for more than 100 years
  • Headquarters in Alexandria, VA
  • Operations across the United States and internationally
  • Services include reporting, data, advocacy, events
  • Thousands of members across the globe
  • Supporting a nearly $30 Billion dollar industry

Building the Brand

While the ISPA website refresh was a significant step forward from a design and UX perspective, we needed to preserve the look of the current logo to create continuity between the brand’s earlier and new generations.

Logo Design
Punch - International Sleep Products Association Logo
New Color Pallete
Punch - International Sleep Products Association Color Palette
Icon Design
Punch - International Sleep Products Association Icon Suite

Completing the Vision

We developed creative themes – a process unique to Punch – that showed ISPA leaders a complete design system. This served as our toolkit for proceeding to website design, copy and development. As a result, we created a brand that felt familiar, while still being transformative.

The Full Story

The Challenge

For more than 100 years, ISPA had served as the voice of the sleep products industry. But as the industry evolved, as consumer demographics changed, and as new mail-order startups challenged the industry status quo, ISPA leaders recognized the need to reevaluate the organization’s web presence.

The new site needed to convey the commitment to members’ best interests. It needed to share the mission and purpose of the organization. It needed to be cutting edge and innovative in design and user experience. It needed to be a bridge between the parent organization and the organization’s sub brands. Ultimately, the ISPA site needed to serve as the hub for the organization’s communications efforts.

Project Goals

  • Create a modern, engaging and interactive user experience
  • Evolve the digital presence, while maintaining the familiarity of the legacy brand
  • Create an intuitive content management system for the ISPA team to easily post and edit content
  • Provide website hosting and support
The Full Story

The Solution

Punch met with ISPA leadership to get a deeper understanding of the role of the ISPA website within the organization’s broader communications and advocacy goals. Leaders emphasized that the ISPA site was for an insider audience – members within the sleep products trade, not the general public. That meant the site messaging and copy had to be written to an audience of experts. This required both research and creativity.

The site design had to maintain a connection to the legacy ISPA brand identity, but advance and evolve it into its next generation. The site would need to provide an exceptional experience across desktop and mobile devices, and allow for intuitive navigation to the important content sections. We followed a proven process, working from sitemap, to wireframes, to design and copy so that each step would be collaborative with the client, and would build upon the work accomplished before it.

Scope of Work

  • Brand creative themes
  • Logo refresh and brand messaging
  • Website design, copy and development
  • Video production
  • Support for ISPA brands including: Better Sleep Council, BedTimes Magazine, Mattress Recycling Council, Bye Bye Mattress, and others
  • Website hosting and support


ISPA positioned as the leading advocate for the industry, and an example for other trade organizations

ISPA now has an online presence that communicates and reflects the innovation, ingenuity and issues advocacy that defines the modern sleep products industry. The site is built to provide a streamlined and intuitive experience for users. The WordPress CMS features easy-to-use, drag-and-drop editor tools to allow ISPA staff to create and launch new pages with ease. As a result of our partnership on the parent brand Punch has been fortunate to work on a number of projects across the ISPA sphere of influence. Each time, we bring the same commitment to the client’s vision, the same creativity and technical expertise to ensure each project is a success.

ISPA now has an online presence that communicates and reflects the innovation, ingenuity and issues advocacy that defines the modern sleep products industry.

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