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SAP NS2 Solutions Summit

Event branding, websites, video and live experience for premier national security forum

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Punch - NS2 Summit Concept on iPhones

The Big Picture

Each year SAP National Security Services (SAP NS2 aka NS2) brings together leading minds from across DoD, intelligence and homeland security organizations to discuss technology innovations for the national security mission. Punch partnered with NS2 to produce the events, from concept to creative, through day-of production.

The Backstory

SAP NS2 provides cutting edge technology solutions from global software innovator SAP, but tailored for the specific needs of national security organizations. From back-end systems to forward mission support, NS2 is a partner leading a technology revolution empowering the warfighter to be more effective than ever before.

Each year, the SAP NS2 Solutions Summit is an opportunity for the company to showcase it’s latest innovations and bring together partners, customers and the general community at large to share ideas that can move the mission forward. In DC-area defense-contractor circles, the NS2 Summit is an event not to be missed.

Quick Facts

  • Punch produced the 6th, 7th and 8th annual Summits
  • Approximately 1000 attendees during a single-day event
  • Featuring expert panelists, keynote speakers, technology demonstrations
  • Recent Keynotes include Fmr President Bill Clinton, Fmr UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, others.

Building the Brand

Each year the main message focuses on a critical issue in national security. For 2018 for example, the concept centered on the idea of “awareness,” a reflection of the immense complexity of the scope and scale of information collection and exploitation. We created a visual identity and voice that illustrated the challenge in an inspiring way.

Logo Design
Punch - NS2 Era of Awareness Logo
Color Palette
Punch - NS2 Summit Color Palette

Completing the Vision

Punch had a hand in shaping nearly every aspect of the event – from drafting the topics for the expert panel discussions, to producing the video and presentations shown on screen, to audio branding through composed music, to producing all promotional materials and managing day-of operations backstage.

The Full Story

The Challenge

The SAP NS2 Solutions Summit is a marquee event in the national security technology community. Keynote speakers have included rormer U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, Former U.S. Secretary of State Robert Gates, former national security advisor Condoleeza Rice, and former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair.

For an event of this calibre, every detail matters. PowerPoints with images of chess pieces simply won’t cut it. SAP NS2 needed a partner that not only offered expert creative services, timely project management and the bandwidth to support a broad scope of needs – but also a partner that had a finger on the pulse of critical issues in geopolitics and technology. NS2 found that partner in Punch.

Project Goals

  • Showcase and promote technology innovation
  • Demonstrate novel solutions to mission challenges
  • Facilitate discussion among industry experts
  • Promote SAP NS2 brand and capabilities
  • Build partnerships across the technology community
The Full Story

The Solution

In the months leading to the event, Punch team scanned the news, defense industry publications and technology research to gather insight on current challenges and issues. A consistent theme emerged – organizations were swimming in data due to highly effective collection, but drowning due to lack of ability to exploit and gain insight at mission speed. Punch crafted the concept of “the era of awareness” to highlight this challenge and open the door for discussion.

Subsequently, we developed a distinct and targeted brand identity for the event, with a clear voice and visual design system. We built the event website, registration portal, event mobile app, crafted panel discussions, produced video and all marketing materials leading up to the event. On the day-of, we managed production backstage, coordinating audio visual crews, videography, on-stage presenters and talent to create a seamless live experience.

Project Goals

  • Event branding, visual identity and message
  • Website and promotional materials
  • Design and configuration of mobile app
  • Production of on-stage content
  • Production management


SAP NS2 Solutions Summit successfully positions the company as a leading technology innovator for the national security mission

The audience left the event buzzing, carrying with them new ideas and inspiration of how emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and quantum computing can revolutionize the national security mission. The Solutions Summit was a highlight for SAP NS2 in a year that saw the company make strategic acquisitions of two cutting edge mission-focused technology companies, expanding the organization’s capabilities and deepening its relationships across the national security community.

Punch developed a distinct and targeted brand for the event, with a clear voice and visual design system, and produced an immersive experience for the audience.

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