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SAP National Security Services

Branding, website and full-service creative support for mission-focused government contractor

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The Big Picture

SAP National Security Services (SAP NS2, aka NS2), provides industry-leading SAP software, services and support for the national security and critical infrastructure communities.

The Backstory

In the wake of 9/11, German software giant SAP sought to provide offer its advanced software and services to support to the U.S. DoD and national security communities. To do so, the company created a 100% U.S.-owned subsidiary, SAP NS2, based in the U.S. staffed by U.S. personnel with the unique expertise and experience needed to support mission requirements.

As SAP NS2 evolved over the years, company leadership sought to create a more distinct and separate brand identity, to position NS2 as its own distinct brand and entity, rather than an extension of the parent organization. NS2 first engaged with Punch in 2016 to make this brand transformation a reality, and the partnership lasted for several years, and a multitude of additional projects.

Quick Facts

  • Independent U.S Subsidiary of SAP
  • 100% U.S. Persons, located within U.S.
  • Cloud computing, analytics, data fusion, machine learning
  • Focus on serving DoD, national security communities

Building the Brand

The NS2 brand needed to resonate with decision makers across DoD and national security organizations. It needed to convey a sense of urgency, expertise and commitment to mission success. We accomplished this with an innovative visual and messaging identity.

Logo Design
Punch - NS2 Logo
New Color Pallete
Punch - NS2 Color Palette
Icon Design
Punch - NS2 Icon Suite

Completing the Vision

The revised NS2 brand centered around a core message: “Driven to Defend.” This mantra served as a defining rallying point for internal team members and partners alike, communicating a shared vision of the importance and impact of supporting the national security mission.

The Full Story

The Challenge

After several years of operating in the defense and intelligence communities, NS2 leadership sought to expand the company’s presence, gain visibility for the NS2 brand and position the company for very aggressive growth. Initially, NS2 engaged a well-known global advertising and marketing agency to undertake the task, but was quickly disappointed that the “Madison Avenue Agency” lacked subject matter expertise of the unique niche government market, and lacked the technical knowledge to accurately describe NS2’s capabilities and solutions.

NS2 terminated the large agency contract and engaged with Punch due to our experience messaging to this unique audience, and our ability to approach complex subject matter, and convey it in a compelling and creative way. We begin the engagement with comprehensive strategy and discovery sessions, interviewing key SMEs and leaders from across the organization. This data-driven approach informed our creative process.

Project Goals

  • Reposition NS2 as a distinct entity from its parent SAP
  • Communicate dedication and commitment to the national security mission
  • Demonstrate the value of NS2 solutions & technologies
  • Create an innovative brand identity and message
  • Create a cutting-edge website and online presence
  • Support NS2 iniatives as an extension of the team
The Full Story

The Solution

Punch leveraged information from research, strategy and competitive analysis to craft a revised brand identity with a compelling, patriotic logo design and core message of “Driven to Defend.” This national security-focused visual and messaging identity served as the foundation for an expanded brand refresh across a wide array of marketing materials, videos, in-person events and sales tools.

We followed a step-by-step process to redesign, write and develop the NS2 website to create a modern, clear and technically advanced web presence. After the initial website launch, Punch served for multiple years as an NS2’s agency of record, supporting all creative and marketing iniatitives from producing all marketing and sales materials, to creative leadership of the company’s annual Solutions Summit, to support for the non-profit NS2 Serves.

Scope of Work

  • Brand identity, logo, tagline, strategic messaging
  • Website design, content & development
  • Print and digital marketing collateral
  • Video production (animated / live action)
  • Event branding & creative direction
  • Full-service creative & marketing support


NS2 Positioned as an Innovative Technology Leader for DoD and National Security

After the initial rebrand, and during the period of engagement with Punch, NS2 grew from a 200 person company to a team of more than 1000 people. Revenue increased significantly and rapidly. During this period, NS2 acquired three additional companies: TMA, APEX Expert Solutions, and Volume Integration, and made strategic investments in CounterTack, NoteShark, ThreatConnect and others. NS2 now supports numerous programs across the DoD and national security organizations, providing data fusion, analytics, machine learning, mission solutions, services and support. In 2019, NS2’s internal marketing team assumed management of the NS2 brand and website, fully realizing the project’s initial goal of creating a versatile, useful platform for supporting business growth.

After the initial rebrand, and during the period of engagement with Punch, NS2 grew from a 200 person company to a team of more than 1000 people.

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