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Tobias Harris

Website and branding for an NBA star

Punch - Tobias Harris Website Desktop and Mobile

The Challenge

Being an athlete in the 21st century is arguably more challenging than ever before. While skill is still prioritized, athletes are often expected to deliver beyond touchdowns and jump shots. These days, the lines between athlete and brand are blurred. As a result, many athletes are relying on agents, managers and branding agencies to help amplify their talents and interests to drive in additional opportunities. With talent on and off the court, LA Clippers Forward Tobias Harris is regarded as a quintessential example of this evolution. Tobias and his team reached out to Punch to expand his public image in order to gain access to new community and business opportunities.


Project objectives included upgrading the website UX, improving the look and feel, and rethinking content and user flow strategy. Punch began by leading a comprehensive website audit, pinpointing pages with high traffic. In parallel, an extensive discovery session took place in order to gather client details and objectives, and explore how Tobias fits into the greater athlete landscape. The ultimate goal was to promote Tobias as a holistic NBA player — showcasing athletic skill, community engagement, unique interests and his overall business mindset. Next, we proceeded by building a new responsive website that showcases Tobias’ unique approach and talent in an engaging and clear way. We created a wireframe prototype, mapped out website features and functionalities, developed user journeys to mimic real life use cases and combined it all with upgraded content and design — including a brand new logo. To further separate Tobias, we included an interactive infographic section highlighting his career milestones. 

Scope of Work

  • Full Rebrand
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Messaging
  • Website Design & Development


Now that the website launch is complete, Tobias Harris has a bold identity and online presence that accurately reflects his skills, interests, personality and motivation. The updated website clearly showcases Tobias’ skillset, while making it easy for organizations to contact his team for business and community opportunities. Because the website is responsive, users encounter an optimized experience for the mobile phone, as well as the desktop browser. Now, Tobias Harris is positioned as a next generation NBA athlete who’s poised to help others win, whether on the court or in the community. 

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Now, Tobias Harris is positioned as a next generation NBA athlete who’s poised to help others win, whether on the court or in the community.

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