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Two Six Labs

Innovative new website for defense R&D pioneer

The Challenge

Two Six Labs bridges the gap between the impossible and the practical. From cyber threat intelligence to advanced data visualization, from secure mobile communications to advancements in 3D printing, the bright minds at Two Six Labs are pushing the boundaries of innovation for the national security community. Originally part of Invincea, which was acquired by Sophos in 2017, Two Six Labs first partnered with Punch in early 2017 to create its startup brand and website. After two years of rapid growth, field in part by the recruitment-driven online presence, Two Six Leaders knew it was time to evolve. Two Six Labs leadership turned to Punch a second time to build the next generation of the brand and website.


Innovation, intrigue, invention with purpose – these principles are core to the Two Six way of thinking, and drive the work the company does. We needed to bring these ideas to life visually and through messaging on the new website. While the 2017 version of the site was focused on recruitment, this new generation needed to reflect the maturity and stability the organization had achieved in time, while also carrying forward the authentic, hands-on nature of the company’s work. 

First, we filmed b-roll video on location at the Two Six Labs main offices to capture actual team members in candid, real-world scenarios. This allows for the authenticity of the real team at work to shine through. Then, we created a dark and dramatic design aesthetic to highlight the urgency, importance, intrigue and often classified nature of the work. With bold headlines, striking interactions, subtle animations and thoughtful content hierarchy, we created a forward-leaning, bold site that effectively conveys what makes Two Six Labs stand out.

Scope of Work

  • Photography and videography
  • Brand design system
  • Website design, copywriting and development
  • Video production
  • Marketing Collateral


Two Six Labs entered 2020 on the heels of a $95M Air Force contract, along with significant R&D wins with DARPA and organizations across the DoD. In addition, Two Six Labs has expanded into municipal and commercial markets with highly specialized security and cyber products. With this refresh, the company’s online presence accurately reflects the advanced capabilities and innovation that new business leads need to see, and effectively showcases company culture and way of life that inspire potential new hires. The project has positioned Two Six Labs for continued success.

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Two Six Labs now has an innovative online presence that better reflects their capabilities and distinguishes the company among competitors.

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