Joe DePalma

Joe DePalma is a visual innovator. As Co-Founder and Creative Director at Punch Digital Strategies, Joe designs brand identities that launch clients light years ahead. As an expert designer and developer, Joe delivers double-barreled results, crafting digital experiences that engage audiences and drive revenue for clients. Prior to launching Punch, Joe held Creative Director roles at leading DC-area digital marketing firms, and offers more than a decade of expertise in web, print and multimedia design. When he’s not designing awesome work for clients, you’ll find him shopping for exotic beard shampoos, or subconsciously singing lyrics from Frozen, thanks to his two kids. Joe is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Rachael Homcy

Rachael Homcy sees the world as a design opportunity. She’s always looking to improve the environment around her. With 10 years experience as a graphic designer, Rachael excels in brand and website design, infographics and beyond. She began her design journey as communications intern in Oklahoma and has been evolving her skills ever since. She’s a wife, mother, self-proclaimed night owl and Netflix addict, and strives to see the beauty in everything. Needless to say, we call Rachael “the gamechanger.”

Scott Cooper

Scott Cooper is an animation and video expert who enjoys transforming ideas into compelling stories. But Scott isn’t just building bold brands. Ever since he was a kid growing up in Richmond, VA he’s been obsessed with Legos! As a graduate from George Mason University, Scott holds a degree in Film and Graphic Design. Did we mention he won “Best Short Documentary” at the Richmond International Film Festival? Scott has also been called ‘awkward’ by TV’s Adam West in a Q&A session with him.  

Laura Indingaro

Laura Indingaro is an experienced graphic designer who was destined to create from a young age. Prior to joining Punch, Laura was a design lead at a publication group focused on engaging top influencers in the tech industry both online and in-person. Whether designing a website or a brochure, she always delivers unique new ways to help clients reach audiences. Laura’s ideal Saturday is waking up to a relaxing breakfast, sailing with her family, then having dinner on the water. Her go-to karaoke song is an instant classic: “Lucky” by Britney Spears.

Megan Boyd

Megan Boyd designs innovative and approachable brands. She’s from Alpharetta, Georgia, but tells everyone she’s from Atlanta because “It’s easier and sounds way cooler.” That’s fair, Megan. A graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, Megan has a knack for adding punch to projects across print and digital media. Her expertise includes logo and brand design, website design and illustration. In her downtime she’s a kickass drummer and maybe a superhero, we’re still not sure. Megan claims that she and Pikachu are kindred spirits. This explains why she’s constantly shocking clients with her uniquely fresh visuals.

Caroline Carini

Caroline is the bridge between design, development and operations, ensuring Punch’s website projects are delivered in an efficient, timely and high-quality manner. After graduating from Coastal Carolina University, Caroline built extensive experience in graphic design and in WordPress development working at agencies in Philadelphia, PA and Arlington, VA. Caroline brings a fresh perspective to the team and in her free time you can find her doing DIY craft projects when she’s not volunteering or coaching.

Max Wolfe

Max Wolfe is a talented artist who brings a creative eye to clients’ designs. As a Graphic Designer at Punch, Max approaches each project with the goal of having her work leave a lasting impression on users. Previously, she was Art Director for Coastal Carolina’s literary art magazine before working at a a boutique design studio in Charleston, SC. When she’s not keeping up with the Kardashians Max enjoys boxing and seeing her family.