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Director of Strategy



Beulah designs research-driven, scalable strategies for innovative brands. Her challenge-based approach to strategy focuses on identifying the root challenge holding a company back and unearthing key opportunities and developing solutions that offer pathways to growth and renewal.

Over the last 10 years, she’s led and conducted a significant body of qualitative research and strategy work across a variety of domains, including technology, cybersecurity, hospitality, nonprofit, and public policy realms, and helped more than 50+ companies establish and rebrand their market value. Unafraid by gnarly problems, she likes to dig in to find what’s true and use that knowledge to help companies face their challenges head-on.

Hundreds of interviews with enterprise executives, industry leaders, customers and other stakeholders have forged the unique strategic approach that drives Beulah’s work with brands and executive teams. These interviews and studies have informed strategic decisions for dozens of competitive firms surrounding go-to-market strategy, category creation, value positioning, brand house messaging, rebranding efforts and more.

In addition to her research background, Beulah has created and led development of high-end in-person and online executive level training programs and experiences that have helped hundreds of leaders persuasively pitch and inspire hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for their ideas and organizations.

Beulah's Inspiration

“There is little in life that can’t be handled after a run, nap or a good meal.”


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