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Account Executive



While Meghann Ferguson is officially a Punch Account Executive, she goes by the unofficial title of Relationship Builder. With thoughtful dedication, she ensures that both our clients and our teams have everything they need to bridge a path to success.

Meghann comes with a variety of experience in small businesses, nonprofits, and legal services under her belt. Her breadth of expertise in many industries has even led to her confidently running a series of campaigns for state agencies and public health organizations.

She graduated from Marshall University with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and a Master’s degree in Journalism — skills from both of which she uses in her daily role in drawing clear communication lines between clients and creatives.

Meghann’s knowledge is as expansive as her interests — ranging from being a “ Master Gardener”, pottery thrower, beer aficionado, and kayaker. With a deep love for her home state of West Virginia, you’ll most likely find her on the trails or kayaking the river.


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