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Sr. Copywriter



Stirling Myles is a Senior Copywriter at Punch with love for alliterations and getting to the heart of every project’s story. Stirling helps bring a client’s mission to life with an emotional pulse. With the ability to bring the abstract to concrete messaging, Stirling’s collaborative approach with the design team creates genuinely unique and original creations.

Through diverse experiences in creative agencies, tech and culture startups, and SaaS companies, Stirling honed his expertise in multi-channel marketing, strategy, and curation leading up to his role at Punch.

With a B.A. in English from Naropa University, Stirling has a background in journalism as a writer and editor with publications including Seattle Weekly, Canadian Running Magazine, the Oregonian, and 1859 Magazine.

When not crafting stories for websites, Stirling writes lyrics as a songwriter and has performed in front of audiences in the states and abroad. On any given weekend, he likes to get on the trails in and around Gainesville, FL, and is currently training to run a 100-mile race.


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