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Creative Project Manager

(Creative PM / Sr. Creative PM)

People call you “The Organizer” because you’re that person in the friend group who plans the trip, makes the reservations, ensures everybody has the right jacket, then takes a survey of who had the best time. You’re a planner, a doer and a relationship builder. When other people are happy, you’re happy. At Punch, the Creative Project Manager is the glue between the client and the creative team. Part project manager, part translator, part positive motivator, always committed to our clients’ and our teams’ success.

If you’re looking for a project management position at a creative agency, you know the basic responsibilities. But Punch does things a bit differently. We’re ultra responsive, adaptive and collaborative with our clients. A lot of our work is with B2B technology companies, cybersecurity and government contractors. So ideally, you’d have an understanding or familiarity with computer science terminology, cybersecurity, government contracting, and national security subject matter – as well as the nonprofit world.

In this position, you’ll be responsible for building strong relationships with clients, serving as the client’s advisor and advocate throughout the project lifecycle. You’ll create, review and manage project timelines, tasks, and scopes. You’ll be a reliable and responsive point of contact, never leaving an email unanswered, or a task incomplete. Sometimes you’ll have to learn complex subject matter, and translate it back to the creative team. Sometimes you’ll have to research a solution, find a vendor, or place a swag order. You’ll enforce the highest standards of quality, communicate task requirements clearly and thoroughly, and ensure all creative work aligns with the client’s brand and business goals.

**NOTE: This is a full-time, remote position, US East Coast time zone**


  • Prepare creative briefs 
  • Client communications, email / phone
  • Provide reporting / documentation of team hours and tasks
  • Lead meetings (including agenda & follow up)
  • Management of tasks, timelines and deliverables (Asana)
  • Research and strategy
  • Prepare reports and documentation
  • Light copywriting
  • Internal team leadership
  • Meticulous proofreading
  • Use of Asana to create and manage tasks and projects
  • Frequent internal and external communication using Slack, Email, Phone


  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent time management
  • Impeccable writing and presentation
  • Familiarity with website design/content/development process
  • Knowledge of the latest SEO techniques and best practices
  • Bachelor’s degree in an interesting field
  • Ability to work legally in the United States

Role Levels

  • Creative Project Coordinator: 0-3 years agency experience
  • Creative PM: 3+ years of agency experience
  • Senior Creative PM / Director, Creative PM: 5+ years of agency experience
  • All positions must have experience managing large-scale projects, that involve coordinating people, workflow and budgets

Super Powers Desired

  • Familiarity with WordPress and HubSpot
  • Experience with Adobe Creative Suite (you’ll need to edit text InDesign documents)

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