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ADT is one of the nation’s top residential and commercial security firms. For many people, the name ADT is synonymous with home security, protection, reliability and trust. That trust has been built for decades by the men and women of ADT – the salespeople out in the field going door to door, business to business, meeting people and building trust. The ADT corporate office tasks its salespeople with bringing in their own leads. But in person, one salesperson can only be in one place at a given time, putting a limit on in-person leads. ADT leaders know limited leads means lower numbers, and they realized there had to be a better way. That’s why ADT leaders tasked Punch with developing a solution to give its salespeople the power of the personal brand.

Project Background

For a product like ADT security systems, known for their performance, reliability and value, sales depend more on the individual than on the product, as ADT salespeople build success through building personal relationships. The ADT salesperson is your neighbor, another parent on your kid’s soccer team – someone in the community with a personality and a personal story. We brought these stories to life online. By creating the ADT Salesperson’s Personal Brand Toolkit, we helped ADT salespeople reach a broader audience with a personal message.

Punch Solution

ADT selected a group of salespeople from across the DC metro region to participate. We interviewed each team member one-on-one to learn more about who they are, how they work, and how they’re involved in their communities. We extracted the foundation of a personal brand, captured professional headshots, wrote personal bios, and created a single-page website for each salesperson, with an ADT-branded URL. The personal brand website gave salespeople the ability to be on call 24/7, always available, always reachable. Effective search engine optimization (SEO) helped each site attain a position of high visibility in local search results. Now, instead of being directed to ADT’s corporate site, local homeowners and business owners are able to connect directly with the salesperson that serves their community. Each personal brand package included:

  • Professional headshot
  • Custom-written personal bio
  • Responsive, single-page website
  • Business cards
  • Custom marketing materials


Upon launch of the personal brand websites, the select ADT salespeople saw an increase in leads, now delivered to each individual directly via email contact forms, instead of through a more complicated corporate system. Salespeople now have the ability to reach more customers, more economically, 24/7. All work was completed within ADT’s corporate brand guidelines, with approval from regional leadership. In the words of one participant:

“I used to have to pound the pavement, literally, going door-to-door to reach new homeowners. Now, my name comes up online when people Google search ADT security system. For me, this is a huge win because it helps me reach people I’d never been able to before.” – Dave Lowery, ADT Account Manager

Punch Services

  • Brand identity
  • Website design & development
  • Photography
  • SEO