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Jaime is a Senior Backend Web Developer at Punch who pulls the ropes and moves things in the “backstage” of a website. He writes custom hooks and filters, and database queries, among many other things.

Prior to Punch, Jaime worked for small development companies, a television network, a high-profile brand digital agency, and then offered his services as a freelance developer. Along the way, he met and learned from wonderful and aspiring people.

Jaime’s first programming experience was on a Sinclair ZX81 when he was eight. While his family couldn’t afford to give him a higher education, he took every opportunity, book, and mentor available to build his career.

When not writing a mean API integration, Jaime writes in his long-running blog (est. 2001) and regularly draws in his journal comic. He also enjoys watching movies and shows with his wife and playing retro Super Nintendo and Genesis games with his kids.


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