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Global Cyber Alliance

Branding, websites, video and ongoing creative support for pioneering cybersecurity non-profit

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The Big Picture

Cyber risks only continue to increase. So does the hype, fear, and confusion surrounding many critical cyber issues. But the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) seeks to change that paradigm. Their mission is simple: “Do something. Measure it.” By taking incremental, measurable steps to reduce cyber risk, GCA is making the connected world a safer ecosystem for all people.

The Backstory

In 2015, a team of cybersecurity experts from across government, law enforcement, commercial and non-profit sectors convened with a shared vision of making the connected world a safer place. Founded by the New York County District Attorney’s Office, the City of London Police and the Center for Internet Security, GCA was launched to make a measurable impact on reducing cyber risk.

Now, five years into its charter, GCA has launched a multitude of free tools that effectively reduce risk, consistently achieving the central tenet of their mission. These tools include a DMARC email authentication wizard, a free DNS security tool called Quad9, and cybersecurity toolkits for Small Businesses, Elections and Journalists, among other accomplishments.

Quick Facts

  • Founded 2015
  • Offices in US, UK, Belgium
  • Non-profit
  • Hundreds of partner organizations world wide
  • Responsible for DMARC Wizard, Quad9, GCA Cybersecurity Toolkits

Building the Brand

The GCA brand needed to convey a truly global reach, and form an instant connection with audiences around the world, across cultures and languages. It needed to communicate the technical expertise of the team, as well as the universal nature of the organization’s mission.

Logo Design
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New Color Pallete
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Icon Design
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Completing the Vision

Punch worked closely with GCA leaders to bring the brand to life online, first through the GCA main organization website, and then carry it forward through each of the GCA initiatives. The goal was and is to maintain an ecosystem GCA initiatives that are part of the same family, yet each serve a specific end.


Phishing is one of the most pervasive types of cyber attacks today, and it’s one of the most difficult to spot. But implementing security controls on your email can prevent many phishing attempts from ever reaching your inbox. We partnered with GCA for branding, website and video to support their DMARC initiative. DMARC is a trusted solution that brings together email authentication protocols, and adds reporting and compliance, to protect organizations from email fraud.


Hackers use popups and questionable websites to deliver malware to users’ computers. If you click a bad link, it could spell disaster. Global Cyber Alliance launched the Quad9 project in partnership with IBM and Packet Clearing House to protect users from ever reaching the malware-infected sites in the first place. Quad9 is a DNS security solution that prevents users from reaching sites that are known to be infected with malware. It’s free, easy and massively reduces risk, while also improving performance. Punch partnered with the GCA team to create the brand, videos and materials to support the Quad9 launch.

The Full Story

The Challenge

GCA’s founders, New York County District Attorney’s Office, the City of London Police and the Center for Internet Security, saw a critical gap in the current cybersecurity landscape. There were countless product companies offering solutions that address parts of the cyber risk problem, and law enforcement agencies focused on apprehending cyber criminals, but a lack of organizations focused on helping businesses and individuals take simple, practical, free or low-cost steps to improve their defenses.

With this in mind, the founders assembled an expert team, and GCA was off to the races. Punch had recently launched the Operation Blockbuster project for Novetta, led by future members of the GCA team. When the new organization needed a website for its public launch, Punch was the first call. At first, GCA needed a compelling web presence as the organization continued to grow and thrive, our partnership continued across GCA, its initiatives and partner projects.

Project Goals

  • Create a compelling online presence with a clear mission and vision
  • Create marketing materials for specialized audiences
  • Produce digital, print and event materials
  • Produce video, animated explainers as well as live cinematography
  • rt for events and conferences
  • UX / UI consulting for software applications
  • Concepts / artwork for campaigns, social, email
The Full Story

The Solution

In the first few months of partnership, Punch worked closely with GCA leaders to launch the first version of the website. The site presented users with a clear and articulate message, an intuitive and interactive user experience, and it served as an effective communications platform for the GCA team. As GCA’s notoriety and successes grew, the website expanded and evolved in turn. Punch continued to support and enhance the site, and provide support for GCA’s ongoing communications.

In addition, Punch partnered with GCA on a multitude of initiatives, from design and development of the DMARC wizard and website, to brand naming, identity and website design for the Quad 9 DNS security tool, in partnership with Packet Clearinghouse and IBM. In 2019, GCA and Punch partnered on a series of Cybersecurity Toolkits, focused on small businesses, elections offices, journalists and more. The toolkit projects included website design, video production and much more.

Scope of Work

  • Brand identity, messaging and strategy
  • Website design, content and development
  • Marketing collateral design, content and productions
  • UX / UI consulting
  • Video production, both animated and filmed
  • Ongoing full-service creative support


GCA is a leading voice defending organizations and individuals from cyber risk

The Global Cyber Alliance has made a considerable impact in just a few short years, and continues to launch initiatives that tackle some of the toughest challenges in security today. Punch has been fortunate to be a partner to GCA in a truly integrated way. We create, iterate, build and collaborate together with a shared mission and purpose. The work we create showcases a strong brand with a clear message. As a result, GCA is able to communicate effectively with its stakeholders across the business community, across governments both in the US and abroad, and with individual internet users around the globe.

The Global Cyber Alliance has made a considerable impact in just a few short years, and continues to launch initiatives that tackle some of the toughest challenges in security today.

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