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Branding, website and full-service creative support for cybersecurity innovator

Punch - ThreatConnect Website Responsiveness

The Big Picture

Since 2011, ThreatConnect has blazed new trails in threat intelligence and security operations, first as the industry’s most comprehensive threat intelligence platform, and then emerging as a leader in Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR).

The Backstory

The ThreatConnect + Punch partnership dates back to 2015, when we first joined forces to launch an initial brand refresh and website redesign and development. Four years later, the company had evolved significantly, in the capabilities of the ThreatConnect Platform, in securing significant investments, and in remaining a trendsetter in a constantly maturing market.

As the company pivoted from its positioning as the leading threat intelligence platform to a comprehensive security automation and or orchestration solution, ThreatConnect leaders recognized the need to evolve and refresh the brand identity and message to respond to the change and more effectively activate interest in target audiences.

Quick Facts

  • Founded in 2011
  • Over 150+ employees worldwide
  • Leading threat intelligence platform
  • Serving Fortune 500, Government
  • Headquarters in Arlington, VA

Building the Brand

ThreatConnect leaders sought to create a brand that was approachable, intelligent, casual yet sophisticated, that intentionally did not play into the sentiments of fear, uncertainty and doubt that are all too pervasive in the cybersecurity market.

Logo Design
New Color Pallete
Icon Design

Completing the Vision

The Punch and ThreatConnect teams worked closely together to conduct research, competitive analysis and brand strategy to bring a creative vision to life. The revised brand identity, centered around a new logo, tagline and visual style, is designed to resonate with analysts and security execs.

The Full Story

The Challenge

The cybersecurity market is a crowded space with countless startup companies offering software tools and processes to address facets of what is a massive and complex problem set. ThreatConnect had pioneered the use of threat intelligence to inform and enable analysts to more effectively identify threats and better protect their networks.

As the market matured, and the ThreatConnect Platform evolved, company leaders sought to provide customers with a powerful Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solution. In addition, there was some confusion in the market regarding ThreatConnect as a threat intelligence provider (a feed) vs a Threat Intelligence Platform (a comprehensive software platform for analysis and collaboration). Leaders sought to rebrand, reposition and refresh the company’s message and visual identity to better communicate its powerful capabilities and better activate target audiences.

Project Goals

  • More effectively communicate key brand value and differentiators
  • More effectively reach and resonate with high value audiences
  • Better position the company within the SOAR market
  • Stand out from competition
  • Position for aggressive growth
The Full Story

The Solution

Punch worked closely with the ThreatConnect team to conduct and review research, competitive analysis and buyer persona development in order to have a strong data foundation to drive the refresh. Working from this foundation we created a series of brand identity concepts – complete design and messaging systems highlighting important aspects of the ThreatConnect core value proposition. We arrived at a compelling direction, with a revised logo concept, and new tagline: “designed by analysts, built for the team.”

Next, we used website analytics data to inform a reorganization and introduction of new sections within the site architecture. Working from sitemap, through wireframes, through design and content, we brought the brand vision to live online. We developed the site using a flexible and intuitive content management system which allows ThreatConnect team members to use the site to its fullest potential as a marketing platform. Finally, we created and updated hundreds of marketing materials to ensure consistency across the full suite of print and digital sales tools.

Scope of Work

  • Brand strategy, research, analysis
  • Brand identity, logo design, messaging
  • Website design, content & development
  • Marketing collateral, print & digital
  • Video & motion graphics
  • Booth & event design
  • Full-service creative support


ThreatConnect positioned as an innovator in the SOAR space

As a result of the brand refresh, ThreatConnect is now positioned not only the industry’s leading threat intelligence platform, but also as an innovator in the SOAR space. The brand refresh successfully differentiates the company in a competitive market, and has inspired significant positive feedback from stakeholders across the cybersecurity community. In 2019, the company has seen a surge in growth and sales activity, in addition to receiving a new and significant infusion of investment capital. All in all, the ThreatConnect brand refresh accomplishes the goal of positioning the company as an approachable, intelligent, innovative solution for security operations teams of any size. See the brand in action at

ThreatConnect has seen a surge in growth and sales activity, in addition to receiving a new and significant infusion of investment capital.

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