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Federal Schedules

Innovative, approachable online presence for leading advisor to GovCons

The Challenge

The economy of the Washington, DC metro region is fueled by government contracting. The US Federal government relies on private companies to provide billions of dollars in professional services, from IT and consulting, to construction, facilities management and beyond. The best way for private companies to be able to do business with the government is through a GSA Schedule – it’s essentially the license to be hired by government organizations. Obtaining a GSA Schedule, and managing it once obtained, can be exceedingly challenging for businesses to do on their own. That’s where Federal Schedules (FEDSched) comes in. FEDSched helps businesses obtain and manage a GSA Schedule contract faster, smarter and simpler. FEDSched leaders partnered with Punch to create a new website that improves usability, conveys innovation, and better reflects the company’s value proposition to its audiences.


Punch worked with FEDSched marketing leadership to first gain a deeper understanding of the company’s unique business model – they partner with government contractors to help them win business from the government. FEDSched leaders shared inspiration and their vision for creating a site that simplified a complex subject into approachable and friendly terms. In addition, the library of resource content went into the thousands of pages. 

We created a unique design style that used isometric illustrations to depict important concepts, and then brought these to life through animation and interaction design. We reorganized the website architecture to more clearly lead users on a conversion journey, using lead-hook content and clear calls to action. We created intuitive navigation to allow access to the depth of resource material making it easier for users to find the content they need. We were able to achieve this updated style and experience all while accelerating page load, and optimizing the site for search (SEO).

Scope of Work

  • Design system
  • Website design, copywriting and development
  • Animation and interaction design
  • Website performance and search engine optimization


The website refresh project effectively achieved FEDSched leaders’ goals of improving site usability, more effectively organizing and presenting content, creating a brand that more effectively conveys the FEDSched value proposition, and doing so in a modern and approachable way. FEDSched customers now have easier access to the information that helps drive their business success, and FEDSched business development team has a more effective online platform to attract and convert new leads.

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The Punch team handled our latest website redesign, as well as rebranding for our collateral. We've never had a website redesign go as smoothly or turn out as well as it did with Punch. Every single person we've worked with at Punch, from the initial sales to post-launch support has been amazing. The team is incredibly responsive, provides a quick turnaround on projects, and creates creative, quality work.

Heather RattmannMarketing Director, Federal Schedules
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