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Branding, UX/UI and marketing support for social polling app

Punch - OpinionUP Two Phones App Screens
Punch - OpinionUP App

The Challenge

How can you measure real, meaningful opinion responses from a broad group of people with enough nuance to perform statistical analysis? The answer: the Likert scale. It’s the basis for OpinionUP, the mobile app that lets users vote, share and compare opinions on trending topics and current events. It’s a simple concept with broad applications and massive appeal. When OpinionUP’s founder sought a creative partner to help bring the concept to life, Punch “strongly agreed” to sign on.

The Solution

Punch brought OpinionUP from concept through creation. Working closely with OpinionUP leaders, Punch began with market research, competitive analysis, and user personas, delivering a product marketing strategy that laid the groundwork for the concept. Then, we crafted the OpinionUP brand and voice – a fun, casual and approachable vibe that appealed to users across high-value demographic segments.

Once the concept and identity was established, we worked through the user experience (UX) and user interface design (UI) of the mobile application. Mapping features, interactions user journeys and goal conversions to create a fun, engaging and sharable polling experience.

We led user testing on the prototype, and applied feedback to introduce new features, and refine the experience. Ultimately we delivered a comprehensive go-to-market strategy that outlined opportunities, messages, budgets and tactics for social media, display network, influencer and in-app marketing.

Scope of Work

  • Concept, research and strategy
  • Brand identity and message
  • Mobile Application UX and UI
  • Website design and development
  • Video production
  • Product and go-to-market strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Consulting

Brand Design System

The OpinionUP brand had to be fun, inviting and bright, with the broadest possible appeal to connect with a diverse array of demographic groups. It had to be young enough to feel fresh, but serious enough to allow for discourse on important issues. We created a design system with universal appeal.

New Logo
Punch -OpinionUP Logo
New Color Palette
Punch-OpinionUP Color Palette
New Text Style
Punch -OpinionUP Typeface
New Icons
Punch -OpinionUP App Icons
Punch- OpinionUP White paper


OpinionUP has thousands of downloads and continues to be an active community for people to create polls, share opinions and compare their perspectives with others. Since its initial launch we’ve continued to provide design for new features so that the experience continues to evolve as the user base grows. With the recent addition of allowing users to create polls, the app offers even more opportunities for users to vote, share and compare their opinions on issues that are important to them.

“Working with Punch was amazing. I’m confident our product never would have launched without them. In addition to all the things you want from a digital team (attention to detail, on-time deliverables, constantly exceeding expectations), they’re truly a blast to work with and incredible people!”

Mamie CruseFormer CEO, OpinionUP
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