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Branding, strategy, UX / UI, and video for app that creates “the future of work”

Punch - Sococo Homepage Mockup in Dark Laptop and Mobile Device

The Big Picture

Today more than ever, remote teams are becoming the new normal. The convenience and cost savings of a work-from-home workforce are driving more and more companies to go virtual. But when teams are distributed, colleagues miss the spontaneity and fun of the physical workplace. Sococo provides a place where teams can come together, to work side-by-side, across any distance. The impact could change the future of how we work. 

The Backstory

From its earliest days, Sococo was ahead of the curve. The company founders saw the trend of companies going virtual, and recognized a key element of the interpersonal interactions would be lost. Instead of fighting the trend, Sococo embraced it, and created an alternate “work place” where people could replicate the feeling of proximity – the feeling of working next to someone – through a revolutionary map-based interface. 

Part collaboration software, part voice and video chat, part gamified productivity tool, Sococo fills a unique void for distributed teams. With tens of thousands of users across multiple continents, and a team of innovative minds fueling product development, Sococo was ready to launch its next phase of growth. 

Quick Facts

  • Create a revitalized consumer-facing brand to drive sales
  • Conduct brand strategy, user persona development, competitive analysis
  • Revise application UX / UI, introduce new features
  • Create revitalized brand and online presence
  • Create advertising and marketing creative
  • Support internal development team in implementing new product features

Building the Brand

The Sococo face, aka “Bob” was an important part of the brand identity. “Bob” was everyone, a representation of the working professional, positive, upbeat, focused, connected, collaborative, ready to work together to make the team successful.

Logo Design
Punch - Sococo Logo
New Color Pallete
Punch - Sococo Color Palette
Icon Design
Punch - Sococo Custom Emoticons

Completing the Vision

During the brand strategy work, we identified elements of the Sococo brand personality – simple, approachable, interactive, extroverted – that become the building blocks of the visual and messaging identity. We expanded upon these ideas through the palette, fonts, message and design system. 

The Full Story

The Challenge

Sococo had found rapid adoption and early success within the agile development community. Often, these teams had many members who worked remotely, sometimes across multiple time zones, countries and continents. People who functionally worked together may never physically do so. Sococo filled a unique gap in this sense. However, chat applications such as Slack, and video conferencing tools like Zoom and Hangouts became more and more widely adopted. While these tools each offer only a part of what Sococo provides, they began to encroach on Sococo’s market share. 

Sococo leadership recognized the need to refresh and revitalize the brand, and take a comprehensive look at the product to identify areas for improvement. Sococo turned to Punch to lead this effort, which would touch all aspects of the brand, its web presence and software application. 

Project Goals

  • Refresh and revitalize the brand identity in a competitive market
  • Conduct strategic analysis of user feedback, competitors and current product
  • Provide UX / UI audit and recommendations 
  • Redesign of the product and web presence
  • Produce campaign concepts and creative
  • Work as a partner & design resource supporting internal dev team
The Full Story

The Solution

Punch began by conducting a survey and feedback analysis from over 1600 Sococo current users and potential customers, as well as competitive analysis of top companies in the space. This, paired with strategy sessions alongside Sococo key executives provided deep insight into user preferences and market opportunities. 

Creative work began with a UX / UI audit and revision to the Sococo software application. This browser-based app featured a unique map interface that offered many unique opportunities for interaction design, thoughtful user engagement. Punch introduced a suite of new features designed to increase “stickiness” in the platform, and fully realize the location-based collaborative experience. 

The work continued with a redesign / development of the Sococo marketing website, revision of the user onboarding flow, creation of numerous digital marketing assets, social media campaigns as well as a Sococo video commercial, short explainer videos, and more. 

Project Goals

  • Brand strategy and competitive analysis
  • User research, surveys, user testing
  • Brand identity, visual and messaging refresh
  • UX / UI audit and revision of software app
  • Design, content and development of Sococo website
  • Marketing campaign creative
  • Video production / animated explainer video
  • Website hosting and support


Sococo positioned as a versatile, innovative collaboration platform for dispersed teams

In the time since the initial brand refresh, Sococo has doubled it’s recurring monthly revenue, and doubled its total user base. Tens of thousands of users around the world “go to work in Sococo” every day. The platform successfully provides a sense of proximity and community to colleagues who may never see one another in the same physical space. As competitors remain limited to just instant message, or just voice/video chat, Sococo continues to pioneer new territory as a place where all three central aspects of collaboration – along with other features and tools – merge into one. In 2019, Sococo was acquired by ESW Capital as part of it’s next generation of growth. 

In the time since the initial brand refresh, Sococo has doubled its recurring monthly revenue, and doubled its total user base.

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