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Study Architecture

Branding and website project for the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA)

Punch - Study Architecture Website in Tablet Device

The Challenge

Good architecture can make a big impact. It can lead to sustainable communities and more functional personal spaces — it can change the way people work, live and explore. But before you can make a difference as an architect, you have to get the proper education. For architecture students of all ages, the path to a successful and fulfilling career in the field is hardly apparent. That’s where Study Architecture comes in. Study Architecture, sponsored by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, is a one-stop resource for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in the Architecture profession. The organization reached out to Punch to build the brand from scratch, from messaging to visual identity.

The Solution

Our engagement began with a simple question: how can we make finding a school easier for students From there, we started our research phase — looking at what other education-focused programs were doing and talking to Study Architecture stakeholders. We also analyzed similar websites, resources, and architecture organizations, drawing inspiration and pinpointing successful guides and resources.

We then developed logos and creative themes. Each with their own style centered around the overall theme of ”Studying Architecture to Make an Impact.” This central message portrays the organization’s dedication to providing high quality, trustworthy and inspiring resources to better influence students’ decision-making. We proceeded to design, write, and develop a responsive website, incorporating both a personalized quiz and interactive infographic. Since, we’ve provided full-service creative support as needed.

Quick Facts

  • Brand identity
  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • Development of interactive quiz
  • Event materials

The Mobile Experience

Since many of the site’s users are students, in school, browsing from their phones, the website’s mobile experience is massively important. We made sure the mobile journey is intuitive and performs well across common devices.


As a result of our partnership, Study Architecture is a modern, responsive online presence that provides students with a useful, interactive resource to help them plan their journey toward becoming an architect. The site gives architecture schools from across the country and around the world a new venue through which to reach and engage with potential students. For a career process that is notoriously difficult, Study Architecture helps make it easy for students to understand, research and decide.

The Study Architecture site gives students a fun, interactive, informative resource to help research and plan their career journey.

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